Cross Platform Mobile Application Development by InSoft Studio

Flutter Apps offer functionalities for numerous platforms where one can access them to utilize them. These all are very similar to the native mobile applications developed by hybrid app developers. Unique is the features and benefits like multiple platforms accessible, same codebase, and many more derived from the development of the cross-platform hybrid app development..

Requirement analysis
Here we will understand your concept, to whom you are building for and what purpose your app will solve for you as well as your customers. We will share some suggestions & finalize milestone wise project scope.
Wireframing & Designing
Now we will start the design sprints. Starting from wireframes to prototype, we will test and improvise the overall UX of the app along with its visual UI. You can also test it with your early adopters for quick feedback.
Development Sprints
Once the UI/UX is finalized, we will start development in pre-planned sprints. We will follow the standard agile development process which will give you good control of the overall timeline and cost of the project.
Testing & Deployment
Our agile development process will give us enough room for testing during development sprints. At the end of the scope, we will be ready to deploy the app starting with the early adopters and potential stakeholders.

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How We Work?


Collecting information to identify problem

It helps to identify issues early on and enables developers to make necessary improvements beforehand.


Conducting a user research

Gathering feedback from users is one way to collect information on software problems & functional features.

Creating low-fidelity prototypes

Practical is better than theory, we provide prototypes to you to check the smoothness & the quality of work.

Final Development

When we collect and verify all requirements for the project, we are ready to go live

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